24 May 2012


Hello everyone! Let me tell you upfront that, this post is a spontaneous reaction to a breaking news that appeared on TV last night! "Historic hike in petrol price" No doubt that, this was a shocking news for almost every Indian middle class family which included me..but to be frank,i was not at all surprised to hear this news! Simply because,i expected this! You need proof? :)

Here it is http://sachindinesh2210.blogspot.com/2011/12/tomato-ram-and-mrj.html
and i'm wondering why people are blaming the government,the oil companies etc for this uncontrolled price hike..Is it really about this politics and the global market? Well..it's not..at least in my perspective..and may be i'm sharing the same view point with many of the nature lovers :)

Petrol is generally regarded as a non-renewable energy resource and i hope that this fact is not so popular among the consumers! If people were aware of this fact,how can they expect the price of a non renewable resource to remain constant throughout their life time?!! That too under this exploding population growth! I just don't understand the logic behind such blame games..Population explosion is a major contributor to this scenario..that alone has led to the increased consumerism..and what about our choice of vehicles? Priority is clearly for the luxury..not for the planet's future..or in other words,not for your future! One retarded rich man once said " I pay for water..so,i can waste it..why do you care? " Same is the attitude here..not just in this case..every aspect of our life..such individual attitudes can destroy the whole world..

Sustainable development is now just a topic for debates and discussions..and when it comes to real life,nobody really cares to contribute..and i had made my attitude very clear about this in my last post on this issue..I don't think we can replace bikes or cars with bicycles and carts..it is an impossible suggestion! It would be great if people can do that..but,we have nothing to do with "if" here. Practically,what can we do to control the situation? That deserves more importance. That's why,as i mentioned earlier,our choice of vehicles becomes a significant decision. Why should you spend more money on style and luxury just because you have money..or to satisfy that innermost desire of yours or just to feel 'big'..Why do we ignore the fuel efficient vehicles which can change our destiny? Because,we still haven't understood the importance of being simple!

Dear youngsters! Are you planning to buy a bike or a car? Your parents will be happy to grant your wish (and i guess,i know what you are wishing for!)..and no common man would naturally think or discuss environmental issues while buying a vehicle! Am i prejudiced? I would be the happiest man on earth, if you can prove me wrong :) So..the petrol prices will go up again an again..and the time will come when the less fortunate section of the society will have to depend on cheaper means of transport..this is inevitable. It is high time that we start finding solutions to our current crisis instead of blaming and protesting. Common sense can tell you that petrol can only get costlier in future..no matter how much you protest! It is a limited gift from mother nature..

Leading a simple life is a really challenging task! Sacrificing your personal comforts and desires for a universal cause! It can't be simple..i  know :) But that alone gives you the eligibility to blame anyone..during the next price hike :D

" Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need,not every man's greed "
                                                               - Mahatma Gandhi



  1. Sensible commentary on the "Petrol rates hike" drama...

  2. does cut in petrol prices mean dat th petrol is bng regenerated??!!! ;)

    1. can you explain your comment..i couldn't make any sense out of it :)

  3. Dear Sachin Dinesh,
    Well written bringing awareness to the common mind. Hey,your post should be read by many.Put the link in Fb and Google Plus.
    Do your friends/classmates know,u are a blogger? :)
    Keep reacting......A meaningful life is not meant for everyone. But I have hopes in you !
    Hearty Congrats !
    Good Night !

    1. Thank you somuch dear anu :) for your time..just like most of the guys,i too have 800 plus friends in FB and about 200 followers in twitter :) Think,what if everyone of them cared to join this blog and read my works and get inspired in the least sense of the word! It never happens,because the world is too busy :)) That's why i thanked you for your time! Anyway,i place my hopes in good writer/critic like you.. :))