12 Apr 2014


"Do you still love me? " the boy asked..there was a pause..then came the answer "yes,i do" "How much? " She didn't answer that. It was the boy who taught the girl many times, that love can't be measured. Yes,all good teachers were not great students..

The silence of his love haunted him..he kept on asking himself "Why didn't she answer me?" He started walking..just to feel good. It was dusk..the sun fell in to the sea splashing beautiful shades in the sky..the birds were rushing back to their nests.. "I wish I were a bird..wings are a blessing..it teaches you everything about perspective" he thought..Everything in life becomes microscopic when you have wings..So,a bird can never have depression.

He walked until it was dark. Until he could not walk further because of the darkness.He used to walk in the dark..for 7 long years..nobody knew why he was doing that for so long. They thought he was crazy. But one day, he came back with a ball of fire in his hands.It was the gift from the darkness,for trusting it.

He took the ball of fire outside and asked "Show me how much she loves me" The ball of fire started growing..the light filled every inch of darkness.He never saw something like that ever in his life. The brightness grew so much that his eyes started to ache..and then he was blind..everything was dark. He got the answer.

For the first time in his life, he realised "darkness is born twice..when there is no light and where there is only light" So with the silence in love..He ran to his girl and hugged her tight. He whispered.. "I love you" She was silent.

11 Apr 2014


Today she told him.. "you are unromantic..you should visit a doctor soon" He smiled..as if he already knew it. For the last few days,he was not able to bloom everyday.. "a flower has no choice" he thought.."it has to bloom..otherwise,it's not a flower"

He knew that he had to go to doctor..that's why he goes to beach often..there he sits for hours trying to connect his inside with the infinity..he closes his eyes and focuses on his breath..that's his definition of peace! But,it's very short lived..his mind would tell him that people are staring at him..and he opens his eyes, to see if somebody is staring.. "Why do they do this? When you do what everyone does,you are
not stared at..the moment I close my eyes,they start staring "

Looking at the sea,he remembered what he read somewhere..mind is like the sea..and thoughts are the waves..one could see the bottom of the sea if  it was still..there you will find everything precious..stones,pearls.. "may be it's a deception" he thought.."what secret is revealed by finding
precious stones and pearls? Nothing. Then where else should we search for the answers? " He was confused.

The wind was blowing harder..he felt good.When he was a little boy, his mother used to blow his eyes when something was trapped.Even if it did not clear his eyes,he
felt good after she did that. Now he felt the same pleasure..he was happy.

Clouds were on a trip..as if they were in a hurry to reach somewhere..the stars were happy as ever.. "they don't have any ego..everyone knows how big they really are..
but,they know where they should stand to stay beautiful" He grew impatient..he asked "Who am I? Why don't you reveal the truth of my existence?"

He did not expect the sea to answer him..he did not expect an answer at all. Something told him from inside..
"Not yet.."

26 Sep 2013


Newspapers have become one of the most depressing ways to start our day! When was the last time you read a full page filled with positive or at least neutral reports? Why is our world filled with so many atrocities? Rapes, terrorism, natural calamities...words which hits us every morning :(  Is it even possible to hope for a beautiful and peaceful world? I hold these words by Andy Dufresne (The Shawshank Redemption) close to my heart.. " Hope is a good thing,and no good thing ever dies.. " :)

I have been reading a prose by Swami Sivananda..and it’s about the Universal Laws. I realize how significant a topic he dealt with in that write up…Especially at this crucial juncture of human evolution! Well, by the word ‘evolution’, I did not mean anything physical :)  It’s all about mental evolution…something that silently yet powerfully determines the course of mankind. In this universe,everything has an order..certain laws govern everything that happens in this mysterious cosmos! And we, being an important part of it..have a greater role to play.

We make contributions in two different levels of existence..one is the physical level and the other, the mental level. Einstein explained universe as a ‘time space cloth’, no? And it is said that each of us affect the structure of this ‘time-space cloth’ in a unique way! Leave it…we have a much greater topic for discussion here!  It’s all about the psyche… And how does it affect our personal lives? How it eventually affects our society, nation and the whole world?

Each and every thought has an effect...that’s why the ‘thought power’ was/is & will be a favorite topic of all self help books!   “Whatever is true in the case of an individual is also true in the case of a nation, for individuals make a nation.  As in small, so in great..”  says ancient Hermes.
So, it all begins with a thought!  The collective thought force of the entire population creates the present and future of a nation. What we think, we become…there is no doubt regarding that. Swami explains..

“The collective Karma of a race or a nation is as much a fact in Nature as an individual one.
The same principles underlying the Karmic laws apply, without much wide difference, to national and collective Karma. Nations rise and fall, empires flourish and are dismembered on the same ground. The wise heads in a nation should not neglect the dominating sway of this law.

“In the midst of a national calamity it is well to remember that nothing can come to us which
we have not deserved. We may not be able to see the immediate cause of the catastrophe, but it does not follow that it took place without sufficient cause…”

It’s high time that we start thinking about the real cause behind all these negativity that has crept in to our nation…and as stated above, nothing happens without a reason. So, what could be the reason? I think, it's cultural disintegration. Do you agree? Every nation has its own culture…and the culture is greatly influenced by numerous factors ranging from geography,religions,standard of thinking…and so on. So, every culture is unique and beautiful in its own way. So 'was' our culture. It was very special and unique in many ways! But, does it even exist now? Only a shadow.

The great poet was right. This culture is all about “unity in diversity” .. But the word ‘development’ was totally misinterpreted by us! India lost its soul when people started aping the west. Western culture is well and good in west. But trying to blindly blend it with our original culture was ignorance. That is nothing but the devolution of culture and tradition. I’m  not talking about the usage of iphones, or wearing the western dress or emergence of townships. I’m focusing on the exploitation of nature in the name of development, the traditional art forms being replaced by pop and rap culture, the traditional food being replaced by KFCs, the total negligence towards spirituality, which was one of the strong pillars of our culture…

Once I was travelling in train..that’s when I met Tom and Sierra. They were from England. I wanted to know their feedback about my country…and this is what they said… “We traveled a lot! India is such a big country..One could travel around England in a couple of days, but this is really impossible in India..we could not even cover a state in two days! It’s a beautiful country with lots of different cultures..the climate is really good compared to England :) We were warmly received by villagers..great hospitality! (Tom tried to remember the name of that place, but he couldn't)  And the food is awesome…we love the spicy food!..” Those were the positives..

Now the flip side.. “ the most disappointing thing was..we noticed a lot of malls, big buildings and KFCs..which is what we get to see in the west…this is not the India we read in books… we came to INDIA to see INDIA..not London or New York ..”  Tom & Sierra hopes to visit India again. Because, they love India. 

So, that sums it up!  We have to preserve what we received from our past..the uniqueness..It is the responsibility of an intelligent population! The new generation kids are forced to speak English even before they learn their mother tongue..They are playing games in ipad instead of playing in rain and mud.. Instead of feeding their young brains with moral values and spirituality, we expose them to violence, sex and all such negativity.. No wonder that our society is filled with anti social elements. We created them. The future is not so bright if things don't change. And it’s even more dangerous when we impart the same attitude to our children. Because, in their hands lie the future of this country. We have to teach them the value of our culture and traditions..we have to teach them how to preserve what we inherited from our glorious past..we have to infuse civic sense and pure nationalism in their minds..Let them learn to be proud of India, the land of great saints, mathematicians and scientists!

Let’s pledge to stay original :) Because, I still believe..the tricolour and Gandhiji continues to be the best ambassadors of my India!  You doubt? Ask Mr.Obama ;) 

India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped  country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural  heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of  decay.”   
                    - Shashi Tharoor

24 May 2012


Hello everyone! Let me tell you upfront that, this post is a spontaneous reaction to a breaking news that appeared on TV last night! "Historic hike in petrol price" No doubt that, this was a shocking news for almost every Indian middle class family which included me..but to be frank,i was not at all surprised to hear this news! Simply because,i expected this! You need proof? :)

Here it is http://sachindinesh2210.blogspot.com/2011/12/tomato-ram-and-mrj.html
and i'm wondering why people are blaming the government,the oil companies etc for this uncontrolled price hike..Is it really about this politics and the global market? Well..it's not..at least in my perspective..and may be i'm sharing the same view point with many of the nature lovers :)

Petrol is generally regarded as a non-renewable energy resource and i hope that this fact is not so popular among the consumers! If people were aware of this fact,how can they expect the price of a non renewable resource to remain constant throughout their life time?!! That too under this exploding population growth! I just don't understand the logic behind such blame games..Population explosion is a major contributor to this scenario..that alone has led to the increased consumerism..and what about our choice of vehicles? Priority is clearly for the luxury..not for the planet's future..or in other words,not for your future! One retarded rich man once said " I pay for water..so,i can waste it..why do you care? " Same is the attitude here..not just in this case..every aspect of our life..such individual attitudes can destroy the whole world..

Sustainable development is now just a topic for debates and discussions..and when it comes to real life,nobody really cares to contribute..and i had made my attitude very clear about this in my last post on this issue..I don't think we can replace bikes or cars with bicycles and carts..it is an impossible suggestion! It would be great if people can do that..but,we have nothing to do with "if" here. Practically,what can we do to control the situation? That deserves more importance. That's why,as i mentioned earlier,our choice of vehicles becomes a significant decision. Why should you spend more money on style and luxury just because you have money..or to satisfy that innermost desire of yours or just to feel 'big'..Why do we ignore the fuel efficient vehicles which can change our destiny? Because,we still haven't understood the importance of being simple!

Dear youngsters! Are you planning to buy a bike or a car? Your parents will be happy to grant your wish (and i guess,i know what you are wishing for!)..and no common man would naturally think or discuss environmental issues while buying a vehicle! Am i prejudiced? I would be the happiest man on earth, if you can prove me wrong :) So..the petrol prices will go up again an again..and the time will come when the less fortunate section of the society will have to depend on cheaper means of transport..this is inevitable. It is high time that we start finding solutions to our current crisis instead of blaming and protesting. Common sense can tell you that petrol can only get costlier in future..no matter how much you protest! It is a limited gift from mother nature..

Leading a simple life is a really challenging task! Sacrificing your personal comforts and desires for a universal cause! It can't be simple..i  know :) But that alone gives you the eligibility to blame anyone..during the next price hike :D

" Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need,not every man's greed "
                                                               - Mahatma Gandhi


1 Apr 2012


Today,let's celebrate Global warming! And did you observe earth hour yesterday? To be frank,i couldn't..i just completely forgot it, during that 1 hour..and none of my neighbours reminded (i mean,they too failed to observe it) I felt so bad about missing such a wonderful chance to be part of this fantastic concept..and now,i have to wait for one year! So,i decided to compensate for this loss :) I thought of an extended idea..streching this same concept to get more results! If we can observe this 'earth hour' once in every year,why not five minutes daily or even a couple of minutes daily?!!

We all have learned and discussed somuch about global warming,its causes and the possible ways to fight it. It was 3 years back when, the nature club of my college arranged a study tour to a nearby forest..and that was the first time ever, that i was going to experience a forest..because,major part of my life was inside concrete jungles and i never had a chance to visit a real forest! And this forest was more special than the usual ones for a particular reason! And what makes it so special? It is a man made forest! Mr.Abdul Kareem,an old man from kasaragod district in Kerala has done something unbelievable..he has turned his 32 acres of  barren land into a bio diverse forest..and to witness the result of his years of hardwork, was amazing..for the first time in my life,i saw something superhuman :)

That day,by the time we reached the destination,it was almost noon..and the sun was at his scorching best! We were all melting, literally! And i think,the temperature was almost touching 40 degrees. And it gets worse when you are in a very humid region like this. We were introduced to Mr.Abdul Kareem and he was a thin man dressed in white and white :) After having a short chat, he took us to his forest..and i still remember that particular moment in which i stepped in to the shade of the first tree..it felt like,there was a sudden change over in climate! I no longer cursed the sun for being so hard on us..I should say that, i felt the soothing touch of mother nature as i walked through the forest..the sounds of birds,insects and the fresh cool air that filled my lungs..and i took special efforts to take deep breaths! (May be, i thought that i would never ever get a chance to breathe such fresh air in my life again) Later, he took us to his small home which he built inside his forest..and there was no fan,air condtioner,but just a CFL bulb for providing light during night.

I can't live through a summer without a fan..and i don't think you will differ too..and it is strange to note that, the middle class families have also started to invest on air conditioners. Earlier,these air conditioners were just another luxury..an added comfort..but,now the scene has changed. It is more or less inevitable. That clearly depicts the harsh reality about climate change. We could have avoided this situation..but,we didn't. But,it is still not late to write off the possiblity of a total restoration of climate. We can still give it a shot. Atleast, prevent the situation from getting worse.

I already suggested some very practical suggestions in my earlier blogs..like using bicycles :) There is a lot more to add to this list..I'm thinking of writing specifically on each topic in my future posts..because, i really wish them to be implemented in our lives. And the last thing i want is, this post to be just another discussion! So,for the time being..keep thinking about my proposal of that 'extended' earth hour concept :) Can you switch off everything for 5 minutes daily? That is a total of 1825 minutes of power saving in a year..and that is 30 hours of power saving per year per home! These are not silly figures when you think about the global population and global power consumption..so,think about it,and start today itself..let this be a part of your life's routine..and be proud about living a meaningful selfless life of 5 minutes!

I leave you with this link so that you can read more about Mr.Abdul Kareem :) Or you can google about this man and his forest.


No words will prove sufficient to descibe the amazing endeavour carried out by this man..and i know that i haven't tried my best to project him in this blog..it is just because,the following video speaks more than i can! So,watch it and realise for yourself :) When we are proud of owning a car,a laptop,an iphone..imagine what a feeling that would be to own a 32 acres forest!

Before leaving,let me remind you about the potential 30 hours that we can contribute towards a greener planet! Let me know if you have decided to do this..so that i can thank you :)

" The least movement is of importance to all nature..the entire ocean is affected by a pebble "

                                                  - Blaise Pascal

10 Feb 2012


Finally,this day pushed me to break the ice inside..and i'm writing after a long long break..it wasn't an intentional hibernation..but a mere confusion over what i'm supposed to write..too many issues to be addressed..majority of them related to the pathetic picture of my nation..and i didn't really have a choice about being specific..because,i don't wish to isolate issues..they all form the bigger picture..and this blog is about some recent news headlines which touched my heart..since my blog is not after 'sensational' topics..

Last month,on january 26th,the nation celebrated yet another republic day..two weeks before that day, the news papers and the news channels aired a news about a mother,who died in the pavement giving birth to her baby..she was denied admission to a hospital despite possesing health cards..the reason? They are investigating (till we forget this)...what a great moment for the republic India..I couldn't differentiate the emotions that rushed inside me..was it anger?sadness?helplessness? Whatever..it was a moment of realisation..that,my nation is now a sinking ship in terms of morality and humanity..but that wasn't a pessimistic moment..rather, an optimistic,over powering thought that motivated me..hope it is the same with every young indian..or so be it..i wish..

baby Falak in AIIMS

Remember Falak? The 2 year old girl child who was bruised and battered..who was admitted to the AIIMS with severe head injury, both her arms broken, bite marks all over her body and her cheeks branded with hot iron..the media celebrated this for a week as usual and left it when they got something more 'sensational'..and all i can do is to raise her name through this blog..so that you won't forget her without meditating on the issue..

And the latest addition to this topic..the porngate scandal in karnataka assembly..three members of parliament were caught red handed while watching porn inside the temple of democracy..and the worst part..one of them happened to the minister for welfare of women & children..haven't heard of a better irony in my life! It was the most shameful day for the indian democracy..and thanks to the media for conducting some interesting debates on the issue of double standards of indian society..the best word to represent the modern india seems to be "hypocrisy"

I was quite surprised when some of my classmates once spoke against Mahatma Gandhi..and it was not restricted to that single experience..i kept hearing this several times after that particular day..what is wrong with the indian youth? i know that these minority doesn't represent the youth of india..still,what made them speak against that great soul? Now i'm reminded about the famous movie  'inception' ! Those who have watched the movie must be remembering that famous dialogue by Dicaprio.."An idea...Resilient... highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it's almost impossible to eradicate.." The movie went on to win 4 oscars but certainly missed out for the best script..coming back to our topic..it looks greatly relevant..

Nationalism is displayed during cricket matches..inside social networking sites..but where is the true spirit? I have seen many modern student 'revolutionaries' who speak against america..but he wore a Levi Strauss jean! I have seen them drink Pepsi and Cola..and the same guys talk against Mahatma..People talk against corruption..they fight against corruption..but imagine how many of you would prefer to bribe an official just to get things done quickly..to skip the long queue in government offices..don't think i'm prejudiced..i have seen people do that when it comes to ensuring their comfort..why this double standards?

Can we ever wipe out terrorism from this world? You won't say 'yes' if you have understood the gravity of the dialogue i quoted from 'inception'! The problem with terrorism or any other social evil is that, it is just an idea inside someone's mind..it is born,grown and should die inside the mind..no other way out..you can't influence someone's thinking without his/her permission..that makes the whole process quite an impossible one..but that doen't give us the license to stay irresponsible..but these days,our reactions are short lived..they evidently lack the power to sustain the movement till meeting the end..let us be honest with ourselves..and cease to be hypocrites..

I realise the truth that Falak is my sister..the mother who died in the pavement was my mother..the ministers who watched porn inside assembly were my servants..now it's your turn dear indian..

"A republic is a form of government in which the people, or some significant portion of them, have supreme control over the government and where offices of state are elected or chosen by elected people."

12 Jan 2012


There is something absolutely wonderful about history..it celebrates only the time tested..be it individuals,books or great moments in history..nothing which fails to come through that rigorous process of time,will be given the throne of eternity! And that is exactly the reason why this great man from India is living even now,as if he never really died! He is Swami Vivekananda..

Any attempt to explain the greatness of Vivekananda would prove futile,since,he is beyond such man made language and expressions..Still,i found a great account on his biography in a website written with unbelievable brevity,yet with clarity..i'm sharing that with you..

"A spiritual genius of commanding intellect and power, Vivekananda crammed immense labor and achievement into his short life, 1863-1902. Born in the Datta family of Calcutta, the youthful Vivekananda embraced the agnostic philosophies of the Western mind along with the worship of science.

At the same time, vehement in his desire to know the truth about God, he questioned people of holy reputation, asking them if they had seen God. He found such a person in Sri Ramakrishna, who became his master, allayed his doubts, gave him God vision, and transformed him into sage and prophet with authority to teach.

After Sri Ramakrishna's death, Vivekananda renounced the world and criss-crossed India as a wandering monk. His mounting compassion for India's people drove him to seek their material help from the West. Accepting an opportunity to represent Hinduism at Chicago's Parliament of Religions in 1893, Vivekananda won instant celebrity status in America and a ready forum for his spiritual teaching.

For three years he spread the Vedanta philosophy and religion in America and England and then returned to India to form the Ramakrishna Math and Mission. Exhorting his nation to spiritual greatness, he awakened India to a new national consciousness. He died on July 4, 1902, after a second, much shorter sojourn in the West. His lectures and writings have been gathered into nine volumes.."

The birthday of Swami Vivekananda (January 12th) is declared as national youth day by the goverment of India..and how great a decision was that..why? It was just 39 earthly years that Vivekananda lived..but that makes no sense when you study his life filled with great actions and thoughts..Attention youths! How many of you feel that you have accomplished atleast 10% of what He has done during his 39 years..? I don't think there can be a single claim for that..To be frank,i feel ashamed at this moment..to feel the hollowness of the life we live in..with no real purpose,moving along with the drift..and yet calling ourselves, the future of our nation..do we deserve to be called so, atleast at this point of time?

It's all about living your life by knowing its worth! I have listed few truths about youthhood..this list, as always, is incomplete..:)
  • this is the best period of human life! (ask any old man!)
  • abundance of energy and creativity (channelise it..you can do miracles!)
  • heard health is wealth? then know that, it is a golden reality!

Do you really wish to do something?!! Then,this is the moment to follow your heart..this is the moment to chase your passions and live your dream..but,the real question is a bit ironic..do the modern youth know about,what to dream and what to chase?!! Or is it just that they are pushed into a rat race by the society?..whatever! It's your life and you are going to live it..not the society..so,be selfish! (only to take this decision!)

When the whole world remembers Vivekananda for vedanta and the famous speech he made at the Parliament of religions,i would say that there are much more simple and important things that often go unnoticed about his life..the foremost being the topic which i discussed earlier..about living the youthhood in the best possible way..being productive beyond proportions..and ultimately contributing to the nation building and to oneself..

What made Vivekananda unique among the saints? A woman follower in America once recalled her experience of meeting him..her observations were remarkable.."when we heard that a saint from India is coming,we had the picture of a lean,sickly man in saffron robe..but when Swami Vivekananda entered the room,we were stunned! Head held high,with a robust physique and lion like looks..!" That explains it all..:) He redefined the term 'saint' in his lifetime..he taught us that real 'sannyasa' or renounced state isn't about inaction..but,full of action! It's not about meditating in caves or jungles..but,living for the poor and suffering..and he preached that purity of heart can be easily attained through selfless service to the society..no doubt,he continues to inspire millions across the globe even now..

Finally,i'm dedicating this blog for all the young,wonderful,supertalented youths(including me!) of this world...the world awaits you!

"Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life..think of it, dream of it, live on that idea..let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone..this is the way to success.."
                                                   ~ Swami Vivekananda